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Atabak Mahjour Azad

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Telefon: 95777253
Avdeling: Sjømat og ernæring

Curriculum Vitae

Since 2014 I studied contaminants in seafood and their interaction with nutrients and particularly mercury and selenium.
I also investigated mercury biogeochemistry in Norwegian fjords and mercury levels in seawater and sediment.


Vitenskapelige artikler (NVI)


Co-occurrence of contaminants in marine fish from the North East Atlantic Ocean: Implications for human risk assessment

Quang Tri Ho, Michael S. Bank, Atabak M. Azad, Bente M. Nilsen, Sylvia Frantzen, Stepan Boitsov, Amund Maage, Tanja Kögel, Monica Sanden, Livar Frøyland, Rita Hannisdal, Helge Hove, Anne-Katrine Lundebye, Ole Jakob Nøstbakken, Lise Madsen
Environment International 157

Bioaccumulation of mercury and transcriptional responses in tusk (Brosme brosme), a deep-water fish from a Norwegian fjord

Pål A. Olsvik, Atabak M. Azad, Fekadu Yadetie
Chemosphere 279

Mercury bioaccumulation pathways in tusk (Brosme brosme) from Sognefjord, Norway: Insights from C and N isotopes

A.M. Azad, S. Frantzen, M.S. Bank, L. Madsen, A. Maage
Environmental Pollution 269

Effects of geography and species variation on selenium and mercury molar ratios in Northeast Atlantic marine fish communities.

Azad, A.M., Frantzen, S., Bank, M.S., Nilsen, B.M., Duinker, A., Madsen, L., Maage, A.,
Science of The Total Environment 652 p. 1482-1496

Spatial distribution of mercury in seawater, sediment, and seafood from the Hardangerfjord ecosystem, Norway

Azad, A.M., Frantzen, S., Bank, M.S., Johnsen, I.A., Tessier, E., Amouroux, D., Madsen, L., Maage, A.
Science of The Total Environment 667 p. 622-637

A new Cave Fish Locality for Iran.

Azad, A.M., Coad B. W.
Electronic Journal of Ichthyology 5 p. 30 - 33

Sexual Dimorphism and Sexual Dichromatism in the Small Scaled Rock Agama, Laudakia microlepis, (Blanford 1874) (Sauria: Agamidae

Cheatsazan H., Rabani V., Azad, A.M.
Zoology in the Middle East 45 p. 41-48

Taxonomic Status of the Yellow-Headed Agama, Laudakia nupta fusca (Blanford 1876).

Cheatsazan H., Rabani V., Azad, A.M., Kami. H.G.
Zoology in the Middle East 44 p. 41-50

Distribution of yellow-lemon tree frog, Hyla savignyi, in Iran

Cheatsazan H., Azad, A.M., Rabani V., Kami. H.G.
Zoology in the Middle East 36 p. 109-111

Distribution of Yellow-Headed rock agama, Laudakia nupta fusca, In Iran

Azad, A.M., Cheatsazan H., Rabani V., Kami. H.G
Zoology in the Middle East 36 p. 21-26



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