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The Institute of Marine Research studies everything from the seafood we eat to the most subtle details of marine ecosystems. We also invest a lot of resources in aquaculture research and developing new technology. Our vessels, laboratories and research stations collect the data that inform our research and scientific advice.

Research groups

The Institute of Marine Research has 22 thematic research groups. The research and surveillance activities is organised in projects and carried out in the research groups.


Models represent a simplified view of the reality and are used to collect information side by side with observations. Models can also be used to describe what is hard or impossible to measure directly. At the Institute of Marine Research models are important to understand ocean currents, fish stock populations, aquaculture, salmon lice or ecosystems.

Research data





Centre for Development Cooperation in Fisheries

The Centre for Development Cooperation in Fisheries (CDCF) at IMR shall work globally to contribute to development of competence and capacity for ecosystem management of human activities I aquatic ecosystems. The main goal is to increase food security and fight poverty.

Seafood data

Seafood data is a database where you can search for and compare the contents of contaminants and nutrients in fish and other seafood.