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Tom Clegg

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Postdoctoral Fellow
Telephone: 94143011
Department: Fiskeridynamikk


Academic articles


Recruitment regime shifts and nonstationarity are widespread phenomena in harvestable stocks experiencing pronounced climate fluctuations

Shuyang Ma, Geir Huse, Kotaro Ono, Richard David Marriott Nash, Anne Britt Sandø, Kjell Harald Nedreaas, Solfrid Sætre Hjøllo, Svein Sundby, Thomas L Clegg, Jon Helge Vølstad, Olav Sigurd Kjesbu
Fish and Fisheries

Workshop to evaluate the utility of industry-derived data for enhancing scientific knowledge and providing data for stock assessments (WKEVUT; outputs from 2022 meeting)

Clegg, Tom
ICES Scientific Reports

Evaluating assumptions behind design-based estimators for unreported catches

Thomas L Clegg, Edvin Fuglebakk, Kotaro Ono
Fisheries Research 263

Discards of cod (Gadus morhua) in the Norwegian coastal fisheries: Improving past and future estimates

Hilde Sofie Fantoft Berg, Tom Clegg, Geir Blom, Jeppe Kolding, Kotaro Ono, Kjell Harald Nedreaas
ICES Journal of Marine Science 79 p. 1548-1560

A simulation approach to assessing bias in a fisheries self-sampling programme

Tom Clegg, Edvin Fuglebakk, Kotaro Ono, Jon Helge Vølstad, Kjell Harald Nedreaas
ICES Journal of Marine Science

Applying global best practices for estimating unreported catches in Norwegian fisheries under a discard ban

Thomas L Clegg, Steven J. Kennelly, Geir Blom, Kjell Harald Nedreaas
Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries 31 p. 1-23

Scientific lectures


The Norwegian Reference Fleet - Lessons Learned

Clegg, Thomas

The Norwegian Reference Fleet - a trust-based collaboration

Clegg, Thomas L

Estimating unreported catches in Norwegian fisheries

Clegg, Thomas L

Assessing representativeness and bias in Norwegian commercial catch sampling programs conducted in collaboration with the industry.

Edvin Fuglebakk, Håkon Magne Otterå, Thomas L Clegg, Gjert E. Dingsør, Jon Helge Vølstad



Accounting for more uncertainty in discard estimators

Thomas L Clegg, Fantoft Berg Hilde Sofie, Nedreaas Kjell, Blom Geir, Kolding Jeppe, Ono Kotaro

The Norwegian Reference Fleet - Feedback from participants and user groups

Tom Williams, Sofie Gundersen, Thomas L Clegg

Estimating unreported bycatch and discards in Norwegian fisheries under a discards ban

Thomas Clegg, Kjell Harald Nedreaas, Geir Blom

Reports and dissertations


Estimating the size distribution of reported catches on-board factory vessels – Issues with using data from the production process

Thomas L Clegg, Geir Blom, Kotaro Ono, Kjell Harald Nedreaas

Monitoring bycatches in Norwegian fisheries — Species registered by the Norwegian Reference Fleet 2015-2018

Thomas Clegg, Tom Williams
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